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silence chihuri

Silence Chihuri Is the Founder and CEO of Fair Justice System for Scotland (FJSS) Group which he started in October 2012. The vision of FJSS Group was inspired by his experience, particularly the challenges he faced as he tried to enter the legal profession in Scotland. He studied Law at Edinburgh Napier University, the University of Strathclyde, and obtained an MSc in human rights and diplomacy at Stirling University. Silence is currently doing a PhD Law at Edinburgh Napier University, and his research analyses the lack of racial diversity in the legal profession in Scotland, with a focus on the Black African community.

Silence has been an avid human rights campaigner and through his work at FJSS Group seeks to highlight the plight of Black people in Scotland who are sometimes discriminated against for the mere reason of the colour of their skin. In October 2022 Silence published a history book entitled “The West Lothian Connection” that seeks to highlight the prominent links the West Lothian area has with the Chattel Slavery and the role that was played by some very prominent figures from the area. The book, available through Waterstones and Amazon, inspired the West Lothian Council to set up a Working Group to look into the history and legacy of slavery in the area and Silence is currently a co-chairperson of that working group.

Silence was a member of the Scottish Government-appointed Steering Group that reviewed the diversity and inclusiveness of the museums and gallery sector in Scotland. He was also a member of the City of Edinburgh Council-commissioned Review Group that looked at the links and benefits the city derived from slavery and colonialism in its economic development. Silence is a member of the Diversity Group of the Judicial Appointments Board (Scotland) set up to look at how diversity and inclusion can be increased in the Scottish judiciary.

Silence enjoys going on his bike with his boys enjoying the wonderful cycle tracks across West Lothian. He follows current affairs with keen interest as this helps him to understand the way society is evolving.