Our Work

Our Work

Policy Development Support

FJSS Group provides policy development input and support to the Scottish Government, key institutions, and local authorities as well as other organisations that do not have adequate BAME representation in their key decision-making structures. Through the input they get from our policy development experts these organisations are able to bridge the racial equality and diversity gap. In 2020 the organisation commenced working with the Scottish Government to provide essential BAME policy development input to the Justice Department. This helps the Scottish Government to meet its race equality outcomes while providing the BAME communities across Scotland with an essential voice in policy and key decision making. The work with the Scottish Government is focused on the wider cross justice sector, ensuring issues are raised in the right arena for change, and providing a great platform for public consultation and engagement. There is scope to expand this work to cover other areas of the Scottish Government structures beyond the Justice Department.

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Our Work

Racial Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Racial equality, diversity and inclusion is in essence, what the FJSS Group exists for. The organisation has remained true to its founding vision, values, and objectives through the various initiatives that we are involved with. We run carefully selected programs and activities that help to address racial inequality and lack of diversity. Programs such as the Heritage Lecture Series, the High Schools Debate Series and the Community Outreach Program all highlight historical injustice that laid the foundations for modern day racial inequality and intolerance. Racial prejudice and racial discrimination both breed the lack of racial equality that exists in society today, a daily challenge that our communities are faced with. Our work highlights those challenges encountered by our communities when they are trying to access opportunities and services. The FJSS Group works with organisations that desire to achieve greater racial equality, diversity, and inclusion in their structures and service provision by providing them with advice, policy support as well as highlighting their best practice.

Our Work

Policy Symposiums

Our signature mini symposium is the perfect way to kick-start the brainstorming process. This brings together key heads of departments and lead personnel in one room to scope the priority areas that will need to be addressed through the policy development process. The mini symposium provides a unique get-together for high-flying heads of departments who are often too busy to meet up regularly and provides them with a rare roundtable scenario. Most mini symposiums that we have hosted have presented organisations with opportunities to explore things differently with desirable outcomes. We like to host the mini symposiums at our offices to provide our partners with a stimulating retreat away from their home turf so they can see things through totally different lenses. However, this is optional as we can deliver the mini symposium in the comfort of partners’ premises. Developing a key policy such a diversity and inclusion blueprint should be treated as scoping out a financial budget that will affect all departments and it is important that this essential work is not left to “the relevant department”. It should be an organisational process that involves. We start from the very basic level like you are getting to know about diversity and inclusion for the first time. We also take you through the process of breaking down the diversities so that your organisation fully understands the minute components of diversity. If this speaks to your vision and core values, then get in touch with us immediately. Make the most of now.

Our Work

Legal Services

Our Legal Services Department provides legal advice and legal representation to BAME who cannot afford to pay for legal fees or have no confidence in available services that lack racial diversity and understanding of their situations. The legal representation is mainly focused on employment and immigration issues where most people of BAME background have challenges at workplaces and regularising their stay in the United Kingdom. The organisation provides legal advice without prejudice on matters that our committed team of volunteers have competence in. This advice does not stop our communities from seeking alternative advice where they feel the need to do so but our main priority is to support our communities who cannot afford to get this service elsewhere. Our service makes a huge difference to BAME people who benefit from team composed of a cross-section of people of diverse skills and backgrounds who offer their expertise to those who need it most. This mix of experience makes the legal services department a real hub of activity as the teams go through their caseloads with exceptional commitment and dedication.

Our Work

Strategic Partnerships

Our work provides the organisation with great opportunities to form strong, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with key institutions and organisations such as the government, agencies, local authorities, and institutions of higher learning. The strategic partnerships form the fundamental basis of most of the work that we do as our organisation strongly believes in a collaborative approach towards addressing structurally entrenched and institutionalised racial discrimination and racial inequality. We are always looking for new partnerships to enhance our impact in the work that we do because the problems of racial inequality and racial exclusion are so serious that no singular approach will resolve them. Only a collaborative and holistic approach will help to seriously address racial inequality and the lack of diversity that still exist in many state institutions and public organisations

Creating Opportunities

The FJSS Group creates opportunities for people of BAME background to volunteer and gain experience while improving their skills in fields that they would otherwise struggle to gain access to. The organisation is 99% volunteer driven and most of the volunteers in our teams are highly qualified and skilled individuals with excellent qualifications from several disciplines such Legal, IT, Business and Marketing, Project and Events Management, Media and Photography, Health and Psychology, History and Literature, Science and Research as well as Engineering. Our organisation provides these dedicated volunteers with a real time opportunity to showcase their skills, and gain experience of running life changing programs and departments in an environment that enriches and rewards their contributions. The organisation provides mentoring and personal development support of high standard to the volunteers most of whom join as graduates looking for work experience and this creates a win-win scenario for the volunteers and the organisation.

Our Team

Meet Our amazing team members

We are proud to work with amazing people from all backgrounds.

Silence Chihuri

Chief Executive Officer

Justine Ehimen

Volunteer Services Manager

Kenny Roufu

IT Services Manager

Emmanuel Akinola

Projects Officer

Paul Akporido

Project Officer

Olamide Oladipupo

Business Dev Officer

Fisayo Aanu

Finance Officer

Dadirayi Chihuri

Administrative Assistant

Emilioh Favour Philips


Zumrik Ishak

Internship Student

Simon Matara

Administration Officer

Charity Mudzudzu

Mental Health Coordinator

Toluwashe Abgarwu

Diversity and Inclusion Officer